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2016 Formula 1 Shanghai

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In April, 2016, Shanghai hosted the international Formula 1 race.  Sino Ample decided this was an excellent opportunity for a company outing. We checked in to a hotel nearby the track on Saturday, the 16th, and made our way to the Qualifying races. It had been rainy and a little cold in the morning but the clouds cleared just as we arrived on the scene and it turned into a beautiful afternoon to enjoy the intense speed and sound of the F1 cars.

During the evening, Sino Ample enjoyed some deliciously authentic German cuisine at a favorite, local restaurant.  We made our way back to the track on Sunday morning and chose our favorites to win the race, with some members of staff even sporting their driver’s hats or T-shirts. A Chinese national celebrity, Fan Bingbing, made a surprise cameo ahead of the races and posed with drivers and cars for an impromptu photo op.

The race itself was an intense 3 way battle between Mercedes’ Rosberg , Red Bull’s Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Vettel. Vettel managed to place 2nd while Rosberg finished a full 38 seconds ahead of him for the win. This was Rosberg’s third win in the 2016 season and his 6th win in a row.

The excitement prompted energetic cheers from the Sino Ample crew and while many were rooting for Vettel, more than a few Rosberg fans were ecstatic about the results. We traveled back to Hangzhou, everyone recalling their favorite parts of the weekend. These group events make us a closer, stronger group of individuals and serve to refocus our efforts to make Sino Ample the leader in our field.  





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