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Stamping metal in the production line

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The organization of stamping hot metal in the production line is important for ensuring an efficient and rhythmic operation, a considerable easing of the labor of the workers, and the output of quality products on the blooming mill. 

1. Lay out of the automatic universal stamping machine for blooms and slabs; 1) Levers; 2) rack rod; 3) cylinders for lifting the levers; 4) mechanism for lifting the stamping machine; 5) brand holder; 6)cylinders for stopping the levers; 7)air distributor; 8)toothed wheel. we installed on the blooming and mill of our plant a single lever pneumatic stamping machine designed by the Ural Heavy Machinery Plant. This machine made it possible to cut in third the staff of branding metal, to ease considerably the working conditions, and to improve the branding quality. However, in spite of the great advantages of introducing mechanized stamping of metal under conditions of a blooming mill producing numerous section sizes, this machine impede the productivity of the mill because it was impossible to stamp simultaneously in two strands; this caused interruptions in the blooming mill and necessitated manual control of the machine when rolling small shapes and sizes. Based on operational experience with this machine, the machine was installed over the roll table behind the shears and consists of a cast frame on which are mounted the air mechanism for moving the holder with the brands and an electric motor for moving the machine vertically. The holder is fastened in the groove of the lever by a stopper with a spring; the holder can be replaced in less than 5 6 sec. The brand is applied by the impact of the lever on the front end of the roiled product at the instant it moves along the roll table under the frame of the branding machine. 

*Courtesy of IHS engineering 360

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