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Machines for the stamping of hot metal

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During recent years various planning organizations and metallurgical plants have developed a large number of stamping machines. However, only a few of these have been introduced into production. This may be explained by the very difficult requirements for stamping machines. They must provide proper stamping without delaying production. In addition, the machines must provide fast and frequent changing of the stamps in accordance with specifications. 

Types of Stamping Machines. These machines may be divided into two basic types, those for stamping the ends and those for stamping the sides. Machines of the first type are used primarily for stamping large squares and rounds in the hot condition. As a rule, the stamp is applied by impact with the use of the energy of the moving billet or the moving stamping head. When it is necessary to do the stamping in the production line it is desirable to use equipment in which use is made of the energy of the moving billet. This makes easier matching at the moment of impact of the surface of the stamp with the face of the billet, and, consequently, simplifies automation. Such machines have been installed in Rustav, Cherepovets, and other plants. At Dzerzhinsk Dnepr Plant a similar stamping machine of original multi strand design with an extension type pendulum is used. Machines using the energy of the moving stamping head are used for stamping slowly moving billets, for stamping the billet when stopped on the conveyor and on storage racks.


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