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2016 Chinese Lunar New Year

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In Chinese culture, the lunar calendar’s new year is the biggest festival of the year. This is a time of reflection on the past year and optimism for the future. The Sino Ample family attended a feast in order to bring in the New Year. 2015 was a great year for sales and customer satisfaction, so this was a chance to acknowledge the people who made these accomplishments possible while also discussing how to improve upon all aspects of our service and manufacturing abilities. This constant push to better ourselves is what our customers have come to expect and trust in. 




During the toast, our CEO made sure to highlight the contributions made by each staff member. As is the custom during Chinese New Year, HongBaos (Red Envelopes) containing bonuses were awarded to individuals who went the extra mile and ensured that the Sino Ample name remains synonymous with quality and reliability. This is very much akin to the Western tradition of Christmas Bonuses. 

It is vital to a company’s continued success and growth to celebrate the achievements of its staff and also plan for how we can collectively raise the bar in the future. We all have great hopes and expectations of Sino Ample in 2016! 

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